What If........
Wednesday, 14-Jun-2000 12:58:28

Take this as an imaginative exercise as in John Lennon's "Imagine". Think about each one and how it might have changed things. Take your time...

What if....

People had been expelled for emotional cruelty instead of "having chits"
Honesty had been rewarded instead of the ability to keep secrets
Darkness had been seen as the NEED for light, instead of the opposite of light
The children had been the center of the work instead of a burden
People had gotten to know their neighbors instead of seeing them as "the world" and moving every six months
Patience and silence had been taught as virtues instead of "dynamic activity"
People listened to criticisms of the work instead of saying "Take Full Personal Responsibility".
Leaving the group had been seen as a form of outreach instead of rejecting God.
John had listened to what he was saying to others
John had listened to what others said to him
People didn't feel the need to defend John
Inner workers had "loved their enemies" instead of sending PGMs at them
People followed the adage "moderation in all things"

Would it have been better or worse? What if?