"Speaking from experience, "The Work" stole my childhood as well as a whole lot of others. I don't think I know one other kid who grew up in this MESS who hasn't had drug, school or social problems. Believe me, I know most of them. These are my friends who had to move every month because the "energy" changed. These are friends including myself that were given drugs at a young age [7]. I'm lucky I did survive, I'm lucky I have an education and can hold down a job. I missed months of school from traveling and I couldn't see my own mother because John wanted to take her on some SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. I'm not playing victim to this, I speak about this because I'm lucky I even have my own family now. I'm lucky my mom left John in the dust. It was the happiest day of my life!!!

When John decided to start this group, and suck the rest of you in, you thought only of yourselves.

Lucky us, we get to reap the rewards."