Sex and the inner circle stuff
Saturday, 10-Jun-2000 02:15:19

Many of the people in the "inner circle" tried to help, not hurt. And some went through a lot more crap than the people that were'nt in the inner circle, so maybe apologies aren't forthcoming because they were having a hard enough time getting over their own experiences. In response to someones' posting about sex with JP:

Sex was a way to make women think they were special so they''d stick around and serve him. It''s a standard trick that comes in the Forming a Cult for Dummies kit. After he blessed me with his bodily fluids, he'd usually tell me "now don't tell anyone our little secret." I remember one time getting hustled out the back door because another woman was coming in the front door, a woman he was trying to convince that she was his real, one and only girlfriend (Rada du jour).

He once told another woman in the group who was having health problems that she was lacking protein in her diet and the best source of it was c-- so to do bj's every day. Of course he was first in line. I am not making this up!

I sort of feel bad spreading this kind of dirt, but then again, I don''t.

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