Like, translating JP?
Monday, 01-Jan-01 15:18:31

wow, if you didn't get "it" yet, talking about it is a waste of your time. spend more time praying, pulling, and

-Translation: I was never good with words, if you want a teacher like that, listen to Richard Moss.

It doesn't matter how conscious the teacher is, it only matters how bad you want can pull god
through anything/or one.

-I like to bullshit. Fact is it DOES matter how conscious a teacher is. Even Neal Young knew you can't get gold from a silver mine. Try pulling god thru George W.

so why are you whining and blaming others, for your lack of sincerity?

-I'd just like all of you to forget my abuses, since I'm not at all ready to deal with my faults.

the teacher is only as
good as the love, being pulled through them.

-The teacher really does have to be reponsible for his teaching. I'm not mature enough to admit that, even tho I'm in my fifties. Ha!

if you give them your power, and walk away with nothing, look deeper.

-But don't look at me, for god's sake. That would really be enlightening and you'd see the flimsy house of cards I built my teaching on. Me, Krishna? What a load....

did try om recieving ,the strongest pull, on god most high. the energy is there waitng for you if you chase it . there is a
lack of energized aware forms,

-In other words, self-realized persons, but I never did much to ally myself with them, I was too busy being special. Fatal error, but hey! Nobody's perfect :-)

and if you make yourself indespensible to the planetary work , and get beyond your
seeming limited form, you will light up like a sun. the inner is all about location, if you ain't in the right place, it won't
work, i mean the inner is big, if you don't acess the right levels , your wasting your time. many pray but few are
answered. ponder this. i'll now entertain sincere questions.

-My rap hasn't evolved much. Maybe I need a peer review?