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OK, I've had a little time to wrap my head around this and here is how I remember it:

In around 1986-87, the various groups in LA were merged into a single group called Amici. The idea was to have a less competitive friendly family like atmosphere. JP eventually took the reins and had Jon S. as his VP.

Unknown to most people, Don Lord had moved (or been sent) from Palm Springs to San Diego after the hushed up molestation incident. Don had a long history of seducing clients and students (I know this from several who confided in me). But JP owed him because Don was one who helped give JP his start n Santa Cruz or so I heard.

Don Lord was seducing a client named Bobbi, a sweet lady from the South who was a little naive, who he had then brought into the group. Bobbi later (1989) became engaged to Steve d who many of you know. When Steve found out about this seduction he became upset and they decided to bring charges against Don (he was a psychotherapist) and asked that Don be kicked out of the group.

Don lobbied back and had both Steve and Bobbi kicked out as well. JP was afraid of his name being brought into court and immediately resigned from the group and disappeared for a while. He also had Jon S. resign. (I don’t know if Jon or Chuck knew the real reason - Perhaps Amrita was the only one who knew - I am sure she did though). There was some airy spiritual reason made up.

Chuck was officially the #3 person and so responsibility devolved on him. The only problem was that JP was now taking all the Amici reciepts which was in the form of monthly dues to the order of $6000/mo + (1989 dollars - maybe worth double that now). Chuck had all the work, no assistants and was making none of the money. Chuck’s feeble video business began to crumble. He moved to Shasta and got a job with a jeweler. He was still unable to support himself and his wife. He ended up getting busted for stealing some gems from his boss.

Chuck served 2 months for the theft. JP counseled his wife to leave. Chuck started drinking more (Chuck had never drank, until JP told him alcohol would be his liberation -it’s in the archives)

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And for the record, Chuck Foley came from a family with alcoholism and avoided drinking; at one party, our God/father figure brought him a 5th of Jack Daniels and basically told him his liberation was in the bottle and to drink up up up! No blame; just a story.


He then moved to Marin where the newspaper story begins (see Rickross.com). I should also point out that the Panamites obviously changed sides during the case. At first, when they were trying to get him to plead guilty, they were doing inner work and supporting him. Then once they did that, and Chuck wanted to change the plea, they obviously (in retrospect) went to the DA. That’s not illegal or even unethical, but it was sleazy.

Chuck was an accident waiting to happen. But JP bears responsibility for giving him his first drink and rationalizing his future drinking.

The other tragedy involves Don, Steve, Bobbi and the mother of the girl Don molested and the little girl herself. They were victims of Don’s lechery and JP’s complicity. In addition to the direct harm, Steve, Bobbi and the girl's mom lost many of their friends in the group (from being banned), and had to deal with a crushing spiritual disillusionment.

I was friends with Steve, Bobbi and Chuck. This is how I know the inside story.