John On His Medical Problems, ca 1988
Friday, 08-Dec-00 15:34:01

Amici Message -- Jan 19, 1988:


I wanted to explain some facts about my physical condition,which is excellent on the level of health. When I was a child I had experiences which to this day have affected my fitness. I took on a lot of planetary karma when I was a kid, in the form of polio. I couldn't move my arms or legs, This was later healed by a miracle healing, but in the meantime the doctors gave me a polio shot in my spine with a giant syringe -- an unbelievably painful incident. It is unimportant to describe in detail what happened after the shot, and I don't really wish to go into any more detail than I have.

I'm 38 years old; I don't need to be an athelete now. So it's not really inconvenient at this point. What retriggered the condition was when I froze my feet in a mission of service for world peace in some of the most desolate, freezing areas of the country -- and that combined with a fall did it. Because of this condition I have to walk lifting my knees higher than normal... [etc]...


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