Friday, 02-Jun-00 16:35:51

I would like to say, as a child i was very aware of what was going on around me, especially behind closed doors. I heard and saw in disbelief all kinds of things that wearen't for my ears or my eyes. I would like to say that i use and OWN my own expierence to make sure i don't make the same kind of mistakes with my own children.

It was incredibley hard to be quiet, made to pray for hours, with little food. It was hard to hear that i was supposed to be some kind of enlightened being. It was frightening to do Nitris and see people pass out. These were expieriences that frightened and haunted me for years, and you know what else, the way i felt, it means i was a healthy kid who knew the difference between right and wrong.

i don't sit around dwelling on what has happened to me, i'm just very aware that i would never want another child to go through this.

I would also like to add, that until this site came out, i have never really given my self permission to be mad, (i think partially because i was always told i need to be positive to remember to clear my space and remember to invite positive energy) so what you read from me will be raw feelings.

I don't really care about being expanded these days, i love god and i know he wants my feet firmly planted on the ground.

If the work was going to create "World Peace" wouldn't of done it after 20 years..

I would like to encourage all adult children to speak out about what happened to you, i think a few minds need to be opened..